Fresh back from the Spring Fair, Intelex Group are delighted to report a successful trade show with positive feedback from retailers for their new range of Warmies®.

Intelex Group has enjoyed year on year growth and 2015 looks set to be another strong year for the business.

CEO Philip Gannon attributes their on-going success to a number of key areas in the business: ”We put an enormous amount of effort into creating fresh new designs that are attractive, functional and represent very good value for money and we’ve recently unveiled 27 new Warmies® at Spring Fair which were very well received by our trade customers. Our new Warmies® brand has been rolled out that coincides with the Intelex Group’s 20 year anniversary. We are delighted with our new brand name that is a great representation of our entire range of heatable toys and gifts both here in the UK and internationally.”

Product innovation in the heatable product sector has played a key role in driving growth and additional share of shelf space across a wide range of retailers. 

The Intelex Group’s portfolio consists of over 20 product categories that appeal to a wide range of demographics. The original Hot Pak® and Warmies® Cozy Range of heatable slippers, boots and neck wraps appeals to adults for it’s functional use as a herbal heat pack to relieve everyday aches and pains. Whilst the Warmies® toys appeals to young children, teenagers, students and adults as brilliant bed warming companions that offer a fun and convenient alternative to the traditional hot water bottle.

Gannon continues: “The number of businesses trading with Intelex Group has grown strongly throughout 2014, taking the Warmies® range to a nationwide audience and expanding into all areas of the independent retail market from home ware and gift shops, toy and department stores, garden centres, pharmacies, supermarkets and into the fashion sector including the likes of New Look, River Island and Claire’s Accessories. The re-launch of our new ecommerce website in the first quarter of 2015 will further facilitate our trade customers ability to access Intelex’s products and marketing resources with the click of a button.”

New Warmies® Highlights - Intelex Group have added considerably to their existing collection, adding new designs to their Warmies® Cozy Plush™, Socky Dolls™ and Dusty Pups™ range.

The business has also launched four entire new categories which includes Warmies® Cozy Craft™, Craft Dolls™ Cozy Dogs™ and Cozy Pets™ all which will be sold under the Warmies® brand and supported by newly designed floor and counter display units.”

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