Soft toy Penguins popularity looks set to be given an extra boost this Christmas and beyond. With John Lewis’s latest ad featuring the friendship between a boy and his toy penguin Monty, many are predicting this will bring a further halo effect for all things penguin..

Penguins have always burbled away in the background as a popular animal and loved character for children for many years. Whether it’s the animated characters like Pingu, the penguins of movie hit Madagascar and Happy Feet or Wheezy from Toy Story, the penguin features amongst children’s much loved favourites.

Intelex Group’s Founder and CEO Philip Gannon says “Our range of microwavable Cozy Plush™ toys have been very popular since we launched in 2002. The Penguin character is one of our best-sellers within the Cozy™ range and has really increased in popularity over the years with the launch of various penguin characters on TV and the big screen. Our customers have already commented the John Lewis’s penguin who is a key focus of their advertising is of a similar design to our own Cozy Plush Penguin, with the added advantage of course that ours is fully warmable!”

With an RRP of £11.95, Intelex’s Cozy Plush™ Penguin is super soft and snuggly, filled with treated millet and gently scented with lavender. Simply warm gently in the microwave for two minutes to release the wonderfully soothing lavender aroma. The perfect bed warming companion for children this Christmas.

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