Q. Who invented microwavable soft toys?-

A. The founder of Intelex Group invented microwavable soft toys in London in 1995.

Q. Are Intelex Products safe?+
Q. What do the products contain?+
Q. What age are the products suitable for?+
Q. What safety tests do the products comply with?+
Q. What if I overheat the product?+
Q. The product feels damp once heated. Is this normal?+
Q. The lavender fragrance has faded. What can I do?+
Q. How do I clean the product?+
Q. How often can I heat the product?+
Q. I don't have a microwave. Can I heat the product in the oven?+
Q. How do I use the product as a cool pack?+
Q. How long does the product stay warm?+
Q. What is the best way to store your products?+
Q. How long should I warm my product in the microwave?-

A. For a 600w-800w microwave 90 seconds max, for a 850w to 1000w microwave 60 seconds max.